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Franchise, Exclusive Dealerships

Why should I be an Exclusive Dealer?

  • Proven methods are often better than trial and error.
  • An exclusive dealership is usually easier to sell and has a higher value than an independent business.
  • Residual Revenue, most exclusive dealership type of businesses offer a point of sale only revenue. Aniks customers get service from the same team that installed them.
  • A-NIKS Exclusive Dealerships are successful!

Many people would like to be their own boss. If you believe that you can meet the challenges of ownership, then the rewards of owning your own business may be yours.

  • Only one person will be bringing the Aniks Systems to your area.
  • Your growth potential is a direct result of your efforts.
  • After your dealership is set up and running Aniks will continue to support you. in areas such as:
    • Marketing
    • Advertising and promotional support ideas
    • Continuing education in products, administrative, regulations, and service techniques
    • Opportunities to talk to and compare information with other Aniks dealerships around the country
    • Franchise/Exclusive Dealership vs. starting out on my own

In starting up your own business, you have several choices. You can purchase a franchise/exclusive dealership, a business opportunity, or start up a business from scratch. Purchasing a franchise/exclusive dealership gives you a ready made business. But what are the differences?

Franchise/Exclusive Dealership:The risks are lower and you can have a better chance of success. There is a quicker startup and less of a learning curve. You usually get training and ongoing support such as marketing, collective buying power and ongoing support.

Business Opportunity: A little higher risk and less support in terms of marketing, training, and collective buying power. But you are running your own business and have more freedom to make choices and decide how you want to do things.

Start up from scratch: This has the highest risk, the least amount of structure, but the greatest freedom to run your own business the way you want to.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about becoming an A-NIKS franchise/exclusive dealer.

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