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Insect Control Systems

An A-NIKS™ System is a permanent, fully automated insect misting system that is installed within your property to kill and repel mosquitoes, no-see-ums, spiders and other biting insects.

All of our systems are custom designed for your property and lifestyle. Our technician/consultant will explain how the system works, answer any questions you may have and setup/install the necessary hardware.

Outdoor Insect Control

System Features

  • Automatic Timer - allows for up to 96 preset cycles per day, from 1 second to 110 second run times.
  • Low Reservoir Light Float - activated Shut-off switch turns system off when empty, protecting motor from over heating.
  • Unique Pausing Feature - allowing you additional control of spray times.
  • Weatherproof Timer Enclosure - NEMA rated fiberglass enclosure.
  • Screen Filter System - Weather Resistant Cover - for protection against the elements.
  • Optional Remote Control Available.

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Full Perimeter Protection


Our goal is to design your system to build a full perimeter around the area you want protected. To do this, we place nozzles every 8-12 feet depending on structural, and environmental conditions. Each A-NIKS mosquito misting system is uniquely designed for your bug free enjoyment. By strategically placing nozzles where the bugs live and breed, we achieve a virtual screen room of protection, and yet there is no cage closing you in. The bugs are slain and you take back your yard.

Outdoor Insect Protection


  • Without full perimeter protection, any insecticide sprayed will kill most but scatter some of the target insects. By securing the perimeter the target bugs have no place to hide.
  • Without the supporting nozzles, the target insects can come over the top of the protected zone.
  • Targeting the insects where they live, therefore eliminating their habitat within your yard.


There is no Safe Haven for the target insect within the protected area; only a comfortable bug free back yard for you to enjoy.

Pest Bug Misting Control Systems

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