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Outdoor Evaporative Cooling Misting Systems

Outdoor Cooling Systems

Misting Fans

A-NIKS utilizes state of the art evaporative outdoor cooling technology to cool outdoor spaces. Our Zone Pump Misting System forces water through a specialized Uni-Nozzle System for maximum efficiency and cooling. We are the premier provider of misting fans in Florida. We manufacture and distribute all through the Southeast US.

How Outdoor Cooling Works

Our high pressure misting pumps pressurize the water to 1,000 PSI causing the water to evaporate within 3 feet of being ejected from the misting system, creating a reduction in the ambient temperature. Cool air is moved to a desired location without getting anyone wet.

Reliable Misting Systems

A-NIKS Uni-Nozzle System reduces ambient temperatures from 10 to 15 degrees!

With A-NIKS, you can count on quality, reliability, and dependability. Our outdoor misting systems come with a guarantee of satisfaction.

We offer a one-year warranty on our misting systems products and are confident that you will enjoy our outdoor cooling product. Performance Guaranteed!*

Outdoor Cooling Misting Systems Benefits

Outdoor Cooling Misting Systems Benefits

Only high quality ruby tipped nozzles are used

  • Everyone stays COOL and DRY
  • Zone Pump System, multi-zone available
  • 1000 psi of flow ensures evaporation
  • Customize cooling areas to exact specifications
  • Misting Systems have UL rated all weather fans to move cool air to desired location
  • Minimal operating costs for Maximum Outdoor Cooling

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