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Outdoor Restaurant Cooling

Let's face it. Bans on indoor smoking are costing restaurants profits. Customers who once enjoyed dinner and cocktails are now being forced outdoors. What's worse is that these are your most profitable customers. In many cases, owners are citing a 30 - 40% reduction in restaurant and bar spending.

To counteract this reduction in spending, restaurant owners are being forced to build outdoor dining areas to accommodate smokers. The problem is that for 6 months out of the year, it is too hot to eat outside and your restaurant's patio investment sits empty.


A professionally installed outdoor cooling system from A-NIKS can turn unusable outdoor summer restaurant seating into a comfortable profit center. Our cool mist systems use evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature of an outdoor space by as much as 20 degrees, without getting your customers wet. If you have a restaurant in Florida with outdoor seating, you can't afford not to have reliable outdoor cooling.

Outdoor Restaurant Cooling
  • Reduce temperatures by up to 20 degrees
  • Keep customers cool and dry
  • Customers stay longer and consume more
  • Distinct competitive advantages over other local establishments
  • Increase existing customer traffic
  • Turn outdoor seating into a year round profit center

Our System is also available to purchase direct and can be self-installed.

We will ship anywhere in the USA.

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