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Turn Your Pesky Yard Into A Soothing Retreat

Pests come in all shapes and sizes–in the form of a small bug buzzing around your ear and biting at your skin, an unexpected shower or overbearing heat, making it challenging to enjoy the solace of your backyard. Retractable awnings and exterior solar and mosquito screens can offer you an escape from these pests. Retractable awnings and screens can reduce your air conditioning needs, energy bills and carbon emissions. While these benefits are great, they don’t stop there. These products also add comfort to your outdoor lifestyle, either for your home or business, as well as protection for your family or customers from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A-NIKS has honed the ability to provide complete protection, outdoor comfort and green lifestyles to their customers.

Turn Your Pesky Yard Into A Soothing Retreat

Serving central and western Florida since 2004 with their innovative and complete outdoor comfort product line, A-NIKS’s broad product range allows you to discover the many possibilities of protecting your family or customers from the sun, rain, wind, cold or heat and biting insects while preserving the aesthetic appeal of your home or business. Their retractable awnings are found in homeowners’ backyards and on restaurant owners’ dining patios, to name a few places. Their deck and patio awnings are custom-built to fulfill your needs, whether fully featured awnings or entry-level models. These products provide solar protection and comfort assurance, expanding the serenity of the indoors to the outer portions of your home or business. With just the touch of a button or spin of a crank your outer living area can be transformed into a space you will enjoy spending time in with the people you love.

With just the touch of a button or spin of a crank your outer living area can be transformed into a space you will enjoy spending time in with the people you love.

Not only do A-NIKS’s retractable awnings provide protection and comfort, but they can also dramatically reduce your energy costs by preventing solar radiation from penetrating through glass windows and doors, proving to be beneficial to the environment as well. Another environmentally conscious product from A-NIKS is the retractable screen, coming in a broad range of options. The Palisade, for example, filters up to 90% of the sun’s harmful rays, protecting you and your loved ones while reducing energy costs and furniture fading.

Screening in an outdoor area with A-NIKS doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the beauty of your home or of the view it provides. All A-NIKS products keep undesirable elements out and your personal style and preferences in. With A-NIKS’s exterior screen systems, you can have your beautiful view without the nuisances of bugs, nosey neighbors or bad weather. All products are designed to be fully functional and increase the traffic and satisfaction of whomever is using the area, whether that is you and your family or patrons of your restaurant or other business.

A-NIKS provides outdoor comfort solutions and protection to their customers with superior products that never sacrifice beauty. Whatever the outdoor challenge, be it sun, wind, rain, temperature or insects, this family-owned and operated company explores the solutions of the world, looking for the next innovations in outdoor comfort, whatever that may entail. A-Niks Outdoor Comfort Solutions provides protection, energy savings and increased usability to your outdoor space.

By Melanie Albright

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