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Sol-Lux Eos is the revolutionary smart window awning system that helps protect your furniture and flooring from fading and deterioration. Plus you’ll reduce energy consumption and save big time on AC costs each summer. Using free solar power, your Eos awning will extend itself on sunny mornings and retract at night using autonomous smart technology. Eos awnings are custom designed to match any exterior décor and comes with a 3 year warranty




The Eos features a solar panel on the top of the awning cassette providing 100% of the power nec-essary to drive the unit. This means you do not have to manually charge the battery or mess with electrical wiring to power the awning. The solar panel will automatically charge the battery for you ensuring that your awning will never run out of power. Furthermore, because the Eos is not con-nected to your home electrical system, it costs you nothing to power your awnings!



The Eos not only automatically opens and closes in response to the sun, but will automatically close in windy conditions as well. When the Eos detects sufficient motion due to wind it will retract and en-close itself inside its protective case. After the ad-justable delay time, the Eos will then re-extend if sunny conditions still exist.




Eos The Eos awning is completely customizable as it is available in a variety of cassette and fabric color options. You have your choice of over 180 cassette colors and over 70 fabric options to create a look and feel to fit your home and style perfectly.

Each Eos awning is manufactured to the ex-act width needed to fit your windows. It can be ordered from 39" to 96" in ½" increments or in metric sizes from 99cm to 244cm in 1cm increments to match a wide range of window sizes or to cover multiple windows at one time.


The Eos is very easy to maintain. When the awning is closed, it is completely enclosed inside its protective cas-sette so there is no need to worry about dust or water degrading the internal hardware or fabric when not in use. Also, the cassette is made from aluminum for strength and durability. Sol-Lux uses only Sunbrella® marine grade acrylic fabrics which require minimal upkeep, thus furthering the ease of maintaining the awning.

The Eos uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to provide access to customizable settings and manual controls us-ing your smart mobile device. The app provides access to enhanced features and additional options. The Sol-Lux mobile app may be used on any device that supports current iOS and Android operation systems and Blue-tooth® low energy technology.

For personalized operation and controls, visit your app store for your smart phone or tablet and download the free SOL-LUX Mobile App.


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